All your poultry needs are covered

We stock a huge range of bird seed and poultry products catering to all bird types. We understand that different bird breeds have different needs. As a result, we provide all of our poultry products in bulk or by the kilo. This allows you to mix and match your feed requirements according to your pets needs and likes. No more wasted food due to fussy eaters.

We understand how important it is to maintain healthy animals. As a result we also stock a range of poultry medications and parasite control. We can also provide advice about a range of poultry issues so feel free to discuss any concerns and queries you may have.

Live chickens

We sell pre-ordered chickens that are suitable as pets or for laying eggs. These chickens are sourced from growers in the Hunter Valley.

Contact us or see in store for more information about delivery dates and care.

GV Produce poultry products